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You're in the right place!

Are you ready to grow your music business?

Whether you are just starting your music career or wanting to take it to the next level - knowing how to market yourself is key. Learn at your own pace, attend Live (online and in-person) workshops, weekly Q & A Sessions, get one-on-one coaching and more. 

Musician's Marketing Academy

What's The Academy and Why Should You Join?

A message from Kenya Moses, Founder of Musician's Marketing Academy

What Can You Learn In The Academy?

Marketing is a small piece of a large puzzle that is a business; and running a music business is no different than a brick n mortar or more "traditional" business when it comes to strategy. The mission of the Musician's Marketing Academy is to provide real-world effective music business and marketing training and resources that will support your business from idea stage through implementation and growth.

Here are just some of the training topics you can expect:

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Public Relations


Productivity & Mindset

Website Design


Preview Session:

The 3 Es of A Successful Website

Do you have a website? You should! Check out this introductory training on the elements of a successful website. Part Two and Three are available in the Academy.

Interested in joining the a session...? Here's what's next:


Book The Gig: Get Your Music Heard and Booked is a 3-part virtual workshop series devoted to helping you (the musician), set your music business up for success by providing clear processes to get your booked. Each workshop is focused on a different element that will lay the foundation for success in your music business.

These workshops are for musicians at all career stages.

"a great pleasure to attend the social media workshop to promote my music. I learned  a lot and came away with practical suggestions and a plan to implement them. Well worth it - 5 stars!!"

Terrigal Burn, Professional Musician