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Meet Our Founder

Kenya Moses - Founder & CEO, ConsciousMark
kenya moses, founder & ceo

"You have something wonderful to offer the world. Now it's time to share it!”

ConsciousMark was founded in 2009 by Business & Marketing Strategist, Coach, Speaker, Author and Professional Vocalist, Kenya Moses. Seeing the needs of creatives, small businesses and non-profit organizations, Kenya new that she could use her passion, education and expertise in business development and marketing to support these industries she was so passionate about.

Kenya has spoken on hundreds of stages sharing the continued changes in the marketing world and is an expert in marketing strategy, business and personal development. Additionally, she is the Founder The Musician’s Marketing Academy, CM Artist Management and the co-founder of the non-profit organization, Diaspora Sessions.

Additionally, Kenya holds numerous positions on industry boards, including a Governor seat on the Recording Academy SF Chapter Board (Grammys)The San Francisco Unified School District Performing Arts Advisory Board and The National Small Business Association Leadership Council.

In her spare time, you can find Kenya spending time with her two teenagers, dancing, hiking, speaking or performing.

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