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What We Do

We are experts in Marketing, and we are dedicated to helping your business fulfill the needs of your audience, clients and customers. Become clear on your marketing path by allowing us to help you on your journey.

Become clear on the best path for your business.

We provide an in-depth dive into your business' past and current practices that are effecting the way your organization runs and engages with your community. From surveys, audits and reports, we will create a clear picture of the current trajectory of your business and what you need to reach your ultimate goals. Our approach is simple:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Transparent and No-Fluff Consulting
  • Customized Planning
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Help your team understand the latest in Digital Marketing & PR.

Whether your marketing department consists of one person or twenty, there is always room for growth in knowledge. If you feel your business needs support in understanding the current marketing landscape, or simply need support understanding how to implement a marketing strategy - we are here to support you.


Customer Value Optimization

Learn the true value of your clients, customers and donors. Create a clear path that engages, nurtures and deepens the relationship with your business.

Funnel Building

Learn how to create an intuitive journey for prospects to follow - guiding them every step of the way, automatically. 

Email Marketing

Learn to build email marketing sequences that engage with your audience and keeps them wanting to hear from you. 

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to create an online presence that is authentic, yet serves your community. Create content that builds community and encourages action. 

Paid Advertising

Learn the ins and outs of paid advertising. From Facebook, to Google, Youtube and Instagram, there are many options to choose from. 

Event Marketing

Learn how to create an event that brings your community together and encourages them to support your organization throughout the year. 


Recent Projects


Client: Solano Avenue Stroll


The Solano Avenue Stroll is a staple of California community festivals located in Albany, CA since 1974. Having shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Solano Avenue Stroll was eager to return in 2022; but needed support marketing the event effectively and efficiently (only 2 months lead time), getting businesses involvement and patrons joining the festivities. 

Our Process
We could see that Solano Avenue Stroll had an event that the community loved, but where also a bit timid in attending a mass attended event. Our team created a customized marketing and PR strategy to help bring in business partners, sponsors and participants. The Result? 100% Attendance Goal reached - 100,000.


Client: Stern Grove Festival 


Stern Grove Festival Association, one of California's longest running live music festivals, required a new website to usher the organization out of the pandemic and into a new season that would attract old and new patrons to their 2022 (84th) season. 

Our Process
Working directly with the organization's Marketing Directors, ConsciousMark assessed the organization's current website, branding, organizational goals and audience to create a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but engaged their ideal patrons and donors to followed through on their desired call-to-action. 

Results: 111% Increase In Website Traffic, 20% Increase in Social Media Followers


Frequently Asked Questions

How large must our team be for Marketing Training?

We work with teams of all sizes. So even if your  marketing team has 1-2 member, we are happy to work with you!

How long does it take to have a Marketing Strategy created for my business?

This all depends on a variety of factors: how clear on your business vision, resources and timing. On average a customized Marketing Strategy can prepared and presented within 30 days. 

Is it possible to start with Marketing Strategy and then Training?

Yes! This is actually the order in which we like to have clients begin. Once you have a solid strategy in place, you can then focus on training and implementation. 

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