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Small Business Coaching

The non cookie-cutter approach to success in small business ownership.
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business coaching for sucesss-minded small business owners

"In order to create, you must first let go of what you think is possible."

Small Business Ownership is a long-haul endeavor - one that requires focus, strategic planning and the knowledge and resources to implement.

Every small business is going to run into challenges...knowing how to address and overcome them is a skill all of its own. With support and clear guidance on what to do in order to achieve your business goals, your small business will be ready to thrive.

That's where business coaching comes in. 

Meet your coach: Kenya Moses, Founder & CEO, ConsciousMark


small business coaching benefits

Every client is unique and therefore, no two coaching experiences will be the same. However, the one commonality with working with ConsciousMark Founder, Kenya Moses is the tremendous wealth of information and resources to help your business thrive. 

Here are just a few examples of what can you can expect:

Build a strong foundation

Not only will you learn the tools and techniques to help your business thrive on the logistical side, you will also learn how to build a strong mental and emotional fortitude to reach your goals in every area of your life through building positive habits.

Strategic Planning for Growth

Together we will build a step-by-step plan to increase revenue and engagement with your ideal customers and to do so, 10x faster. 

Results guaranteed

Why are results guaranteed? Because the coaching you receive is top-caliber and effective.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if working with a Business Coach is for me?

Every small business owner wants their business to thrive; and as a seasoned small business myself, I can attest that having a Business Coach is a necessity! We cannot do everything ourselves, and should not be expected to know absolutely everything we need to know to scale. Working with Business Coach allows you to begin working within your business in a healthy way, as you implement the strategies that will help you exceed. 

I am just a one-person business. Can you work with me?

Absolutely! We all start somewhere and you are in the perfect place to start building a strong foundation to grow your business.

Do you offer a guarantee?

The simple answer is: yes. When you work with your Business Coach, you will be given to the tools, strategies and support needed for you to thrive. Should you engage, implement and fulfill your work as a business owner and do not see growth (based on goals with 90 days) in your business, we will provide a refund equal to one month's retainer.

How do we start the process of working together?

The first step to us working together is by scheduling a Free 30-minute Strategy Conversation. From there, we will determine whether working together is a good fit. 

Is Business Coaching expensive? How much does it cost?

That is a subjective question. When it comes to Business Coaching, you definitely want to see results in your business, and we all know that requires time and effort. Therefore, hiring a Business Coach is an investment. With ConsciousMark, you can plan to invest anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 per month.

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